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Massachusetts marijuana update: November 2016: The state of Massachusetts Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana! On December 15, 2016, Mass residents over 21 can legally grow up to 6 plants, 12 per household.

This new Massachusetts Marijuana Laws is certainly going to change the landscape of marijuana in the state of Massachusetts, and some say along the entire east coast, forever. The financial impact, the ancillary businesses, are expected to be in the billions.

The Massachusetts Law allows an individual 21 or older to possess one ounce of marijuana outside of their home, and up to 10 ounces inside their homes. Additionally, the law allows individuals to grow and cultivate up to six plants, twelve per household, Starting Dec 15, 2016. There has been talk in the Massachusetts Legislature about delaying the right to grow marijuana plants at home. Retail sales have been delayed until January 2018.

Additionally, Under the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana law, Mass allow up to five dispensaries in each county. As of their November 2016 Update, the Medical Use of Marijuana Program identifies 9 Registered Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (RMDs) that are currently allowed to sell medical marijuana to licensed patients.

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